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Need a Fleet Maintenance Company to repair and maintain your fleet? Give us a call,Vector Fleet Management at
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We Provide Contract Maintenance For:
Government Facilities (Cities and Counties)Emergency, Administrative, Street Cleaners, etc. Foodservices Fleets (Refrigerated and Packaging)
Construction, Mining Fleets and Units Utility Fleets Go to
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vector Fleet Management is getting ready for the the NPTC 2013 National Private Truck Council coming up on April 27-30 in Cincinnati, OH. Please come by our booth #935.
How can Vector Fleet Management deliver cost savings to your fleet maintenance operation?

Cost savings with Vector Fleet Management can be realized in a number of ways. Our corporate buying power and aggressively negotiated parts contracts immediately improve our customers' bottom lines. Additionally, Vector Fleet Management fleet operating efficiencies often reduce fleet counts, extend fleet life cycles, and reduce overall costs.
Another benefit is our regional and corporate support. Your overhead costs for hiring, training, procurement, and IT personnel are eliminated because we have our own dedicated, experienced management support team that provides national and regional support.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The key steps to a better business decisions on your Fleet Maintenance System

The key steps to a better business decisions on your Fleet Maintenance System

-Capture the data
-Analyze the data
-Create a meaningful information from that data and actually do something with it. 

The benefits of actually incorporating change with the Fleet Maintenance System
Cut the cost of paperwork and administration
More accurately forecast future expense
Maintain a leaner inventory
Devote labor cost to keeping trucks on the road